Mini Scripture Quilts * Psalm 23

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Mini Scripture Quilts * Psalm 23

Psalm 23 is one of my favorite verses, and never fails to give me comfort.  We all go thru trials, and tough times, praying Psalm 23 will hopefully help you or someone you care about find peace. 

These mini scripture quilts are absolutely adorable!  For  anyone who is going thru a hard time,  or an illness, or just might need to know someone cares for them!  

These mini scripture quilts are my original design, and are each handmade by me!  I choose and print each scripture and label, sew them onto carefully selected vintage quilts, and insert a cross under each one!   They each have a safety pin, and can be pinned to just about anything, pillows are perfect, but you can also wear these as a small brooch! These fit nicely into a purse, backpack, or your pocket!  Approx. 4"x 3", they are small in size, but have a big impact! 

These will all be a bit different, as I use many quilts to make them, no two will be exactly alike!

If you or your organization would like to order 25 or more, please visit the wholesale prayer quilt collection.

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