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Mini Prayer Quilts with Custom Labels!

 I am now offering my mini prayer quilts with custom labels! Custom labels are only available to Church Organizations, and other ministries, not for wholesale retailers.

Church Ministries, Hospital Ministries, Women’s Conferences,  Nursing Home Ministries, Shut In Ministries, Cancer Center Ministries...these are all perfect for having a custom label added to the back of each mini prayer quilt. 

The wholesale price is still $5 for the mini prayer quilts, the only difference is a one time set up fee of $25, and a minimum order of 50 is required.  The Olive Branch Treasures label will still be on each mini prayer quilt as well.  Please send a note with your order of the exact wording you would like printed.

*A minimum order of 50 is required for the custom labels to be added.

*The one time set up fee of $25 must be added to first order.

**Please verify quantity, and update order before checking out**

Each handmade mini  prayer quilt will be different, no two will be alike, as I use many different quilts to make them!

These prayer quilts have been a blessing to many!  I am overjoyed to be able to offer these handmade, original designed mini prayer quilts to others ministries!


Thank you so very much for visiting today, please come again soon! 

Be Blessed! 





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